Featured Item:Trade Fleet

The Featured Game of the Moment is Trade Fleet, our game of hand management and resource redemption. Trade Fleet is currently available through the Village in a Box Kickstarter from our printer, The Game Crafter. This Kickstarter exclusive version features an upgraded box and additional cards that are only available through the Kickstarter. Back this project and get your copy today!

Coming Soon

We have started art for'Big Box of Chocolates' and so far the game looks like it is going to be a blast.

'Quest' is in play testing now. This is one of my oldest designs that we have been working on. It is a tile laying fantasy game where the goal is to collect treasures from distant lands while protecting your home.

'AI' is in the early stages and we have high hopes for this dice and card game. Who can be on top when the machines finally take over?

We finally have the components available to us to produce a professional version of 'Pirate Waters' the game that 'Trade Fleet' was based on.

Our tower defense board game, 'Zombie Defense', has been in heavy design and playtesting and is coming along nicely.

'Your Nearest Exit looks to be a hillarious card and board game, and our 'aDatF' variant 'Con Goer' is in final playtesting.

We have several other titles floating around as well; 'Big Battle Royals', 'Craft Brew', 'Attraction', and our secret project big box game.

Several rennies have come to us to design a brand new non-collectable card game. There is a lot of excitement around here over this and we hope to have the project completed in 2014.

The World of Sevemens celebrated it's 30th anniversary in 2013 and to commemorate we are re-writing The World of Sevemens Campaign Setting.