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Posted on August 5, 2015  in Uncategorized

Back in January of 1989 the RPG Dungeon was concieved by a group of gaming buddies, offering ideas and aid to players of pen & paper, and computer role playing games.
With the dawn of mainstream internet access we broadened our horizons to include collectible card games and our first step into the play-by-email arena.
When Dungeons and Dragons entered its third edition we decided that 20 years of role playing expirience could lend us some credibility and we became creators of d20 material.
As the Y2K bug approached we released our first non-RPG products in the form of several card and board games. About this time several of our regular players discovered IceHouse and the creative juices started flowing again.
Then the arena of Game Systems really blew up and we decided it was time to drop our old moniker and re-invent ourselves as IcePack Games. We became the manufucturer of the Piecepack Expanded game, and resellers for IceHouse and GRYB.
2005 hit and we re-introduced the RPG Dungeon with the Living World of Sevemens. Many of our games became cult hits and our piecepacks were selling faster then we could make them. We redesigned our main site and had features on MMOs and different RPGs.

Fast-forward to 2008, D&D is going into it’s fourth edition and we decided it was time to update again. We dropped all of the fan-site content and decided to focus on our game products. All of the RPG material is still here but our Living World content is taking over the RPG Dungeon and making it it’s new home. Our Sevemens sourcebooks were originally going to get a rewrite but instead we decided for the 25th anniversary we would remake the world and go back in to it’s history.

In 2010 we decided we need a way to streamline our production system. Our graphic designer decided to switch to a new program giving us much crisper looking art and text on our games. This led us to the great reworking that has us releasing new version of all or our old games while still publishing new ones.

And that brings us to today…

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